About Us

Welcome to the Ace Cyclery web site.

Owners Tony & Sue are dedicated to meeting all your cycle needs.

Our shop was established in 1974 and is located at 14 Carrington Street Palmyra WA.

Ace Cyclery is close to Fremantle just off Canning Highway “away from the traffic” the SwanRiver is a 10 min ride and 15 mins to our beautiful Coast.

We are a family owned and run business. We are OPEN 6 DAYS and specialise in bikes for the whole family. Ace Cyclery has it all!!

We provide affordable bicycles, with well-known brands, as well as servicing and repairs, all located under one roof at our Palmyra Store. We carry a very good range of commuter bikes Vintage Retro Mountain and comfort bikes, along with loads of kid’s bikes too.

We offer Road racing bikes from entry level to advanced. We are passionate about finding the right bike for you. We offer you the customer friendly honest advice and service.

Our fully equipped workshop can cater to all repairs, from tube replacement to complete strip down and rebuild. We offer a range of services at reasonable prices, and we have a great workshop with fast repair service.

The friendly team of professionals in store are dedicated to ensuring they match you with the best bike for your cycling needs. You’ll find bikes for cyclists of all ages, levels of fitness, and cycling goals.

For more information please contact us or visit our store


Why shouldn’t I buy a cheap bicycle from a department store?

These cheap and nasty bikes are just a waste of “greenhouse gas”!!!..”drive around the suburbs on throw out week and check the names on these bikes, most of them are from department stores. They only last a few months…if your lucky, then its on the throw out. There just not worth fixing!!! So its back to the department store for another one. More greenhouse gas goes up in smoke, another tree falls in the forest and so it goes. Better to buy a good quality bike to start with..

What about buying on the net ?

Well you might save a few dollars ? but consider this…add the freight and cost of a professional build, the confidence of correct sizing and test ride, the assurance of after sales service, correct setup and adjusting to suit your requirements and i believe you are way in front buy purchasing from your local bicycle shop.

Electric Bikes we sell a large range of E-Bikes and conversion kits from $995 !